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  • register a user account
  • activate the ConsentID mobile application
  • activate a qualified electronic certificate in the cloud


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  • uses an electronic signature without readers and cards

Don't have an account on eid.gov.rs?

Become an eCitizen, register independently and activate the ConsentID mobile application with one visit to the registration authority. If you have a qualified electronic certificate, you can perform the activation independently. Instructions are available here.


If you are a foreign national clik here to find out how to register.

How to use the ConsentID mobile application?

Download the ConsentID mobile application

from the Google Play Store for Android devices
or the AppStore for iPhone devices

Activate the ConsentID mobile application by scanning the QR code
or enter the activation codes manually

You can download the activation codes or QR code from your user account
if you sign in with a qualified electronic certificate,
or at one of over 1000 locations of registration authorities throughout Serbia

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